Webinar for September 15, 2020 (Tuesday) ¦ 15:00 CEST (45 minutes)

The Cyanide Code: best practices and insights from an auditor

Join us in our upcoming webinar, as we discuss with Christine Blackmore, lead cyanide auditor with ICMI and associate director at Wardell Armstrong, the role of cyanide and the Cyanide Code in mining. Based on her extensive experience in the mining industry and as a Cyanide Code auditor, she shares first-hand key insights and best practices to achieve effective cyanide management. You have the opportunity to find out how CyanoGuard’s solution helps to improve compliance with the Cyanide Code, followed by a Q&A.

Join us to learn about:

  • The role of cyanide in mining (from an auditor’s perspective)
  • Best practices to achieve compliance with the Cyanide Code
  • How CyanoGuard’s solution supports compliance with the Cyanide Code

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Information on time zones: Zurich, Switzerland, at 15:00 local time CEST ¦ London, UK, at 14:00 local time BST ¦
New York, USA, at 09:00 EST ¦ Perth, Australia, at 21:00 AWST

If you are unable to attend, a recording of the event will be available online and distributed to registered participants after the event has ended. 


Guest speaker


Associate Director,
Wardell Armstrong

Christine is an Associate Director at Wardell Armstrong International working as a Geo-Environmentalist and Environmental Auditor with some 20 years’ experience in the international mining and metallurgical Industry. Her expertise is focused in Environmental Due Diligence, Management and Auditing to international best practices. Christine is an Accredited Lead Cyanide Auditor with the ICMI cyanide code, for the gold mining industry, having undertaken audits for both Operational mines including process plants and transportation of cyanide. She has prepared several Cyanide Management Plans for new and operational gold mines, with some of the work developing cyanide awareness training and preparation of Standard Operational Procedures.


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